Backup Power

At Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy, we use advanced lithium iron and nickel iron in batteries. They are easy to use, long lasting, and sustainable. We have both on-grid and off-grid batteries available and want to help you find what fits your needs.

The 1500 series is light and versatile and great for homes and businesses. These batteries only weight between 34 – 47 pounds and can last 2500 or more cycles with daily use.

The Off-Grid series is more suited for major industrial, government, or medical facilities and weights anywhere from 54 – 519 pounds. These batteries can last from 2500 – 3500+ cycles with daily use.

Benefits of Humless include:

  • Humless batteries can last 3-10 years longer than competing lead acid batteries
  • Humless batteries can go 6 months without being plugged in
  • A countdown timer so you can see how much time you have left. Calculated depending on what all you have running off the battery
  • They can charge through solar panels or be plugged into your house
  • They can output AC or DC
  • Can come with Solar Panels and a carrying case. Solar panels fold into the case for easy portability.

To see what a Humless battery can do, watch this video:


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We also do custom battery backup systems

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